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Become addicted to constant & never ending self improvement

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Become addicted to constant & never ending self improvement

Addicts have a tendency to be impulsive & slightly obsessive about things…ok VERY obsessive! Addiction can manifest it’s way into our lives in many forms, not just the usual suspects, drugs & alcohol. Food, work, social media, relationships, exercise, television, gaming, gambling, shopping, shagging…pretty much ANYTHING & EVERYTHING to be fucking honest. The list is bloody endless!

I will freely admit I’m an all or nothing kind of girl in EVERY aspect of my life. I can’t help it. It’s just my nature. I think most addicts are the same. We strive for perfection or nothing at all, & when we don’t achieve the goals we set for ourselves (95% being unrealistic!) we think ‘FUCK IT!’ & quit altogether. Sound familiar?!

When giving up one thing, it’s common for us to replace it with another, trying to produce the same feeling or high, often without even realizing till it’s too fucking late! It’s all too easy to transfer our addictive urges onto something new, especially when feeling low (Netflix & snacks anyone?!) rather than addressing the underlying issue. Anyone else?! Thought so…

Anyways, after a couple of weeks off the rails & not doing much to improve my mind, body or soul, I’m back to the fucking grind today with my A game! Time for me to get my (bigger) butt back on track & hold myself accountable for my actions & start smashing my wellness & fitness goals. After all I’m not gonna get the backside I want sitting on the one I’ve got. I wanna be a badass with a good ass!

Of course there’s gonna be no half measures, it’s all or fucking nothing (classic addict!), so I’m setting myself a 10 week challenge. I’ll be detoxing, training, walking at least 10km a day, meditating, doing yoga, food prepping & loads of other bits & bobs. I want to hold myself accountable, keep motivated & help inspire as many of you lovely lot as possible so I’ll be blogging my recovery journey & sharing in my Insta story. Watch this space!

What recovery, wellness & fitness goals have you set yourself for 2018???

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