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Fuck Society. Being Open Saves Lives…

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Fuck Society. Being Open Saves Lives…

Fuck society! The only people who will be mad at you for speaking the truth are those people that are still living a lie. Speak your truth anyway!

There will be people who expect you to sugar-coat your truth so they don’t have to feel uncomfortable hearing it. Fuck them. Keep speaking your truth anyway!

Ever read someone’s story & think, “Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear today!” Fuck yes! Your story will do that for someone else! Not only will you feel free, but you’ll empower others to do the same. Your voice matters. Inspire other addicts. Give them the courage to make a change. Be the reason they don’t give up!

Open up. Unleash your power. Live your life with intention. Show your scars. Shine your light. Share your journey. Give your example. Distribute your wisdom. NEVER be ashamed. Tell everyone that recovery is possible. Shout from the bloody rooftops how fucking AWESOME a clean & sober life is!

Make a difference by BEING the fucking difference! Break the stigma surrounding addiction. Be the voice that brings people together. Give them the courage to make a change TODAY! Be a sober rebel with a cause…

We all have an untold story inside of us. What does yours say?????

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