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I’m a professional! Anyone else?! 

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I’m a professional! Anyone else?! 

This was me before cleaning my act up. I was WILD! When I think of some of the shenanigans I got up to I could die…in fact I’m extremely lucky I never! There’s not much I wouldn’t do for shits & giggles. I was like a performing monkey on nights out & I was infamous in my different social circles for being the life & soul of the party. Hell, me & my old friend tequila WERE the fucking party!

When I tell people I don’t drink or use anymore, they look at me like I’m from another fucking planet! No one believes me. Just because I’m clean & sober doesn’t mean the circus has left town! Far from it! I don’t need drugs or alcohol to throw bad decisions round like confetti & do dumb shit. I’m still batshit crazy when I’m chemical free!
And just for the record, I 100% don’t need substances to have a good time! If anything I have a better time now, & I remember my night in full instead of blacking out & nervously trying to piece my days/nights together. Nothing beats waking up fresh as fuck with no regrets & no memory loss! I do not miss hanging out my arse, dying of shame & wondering what the fuck happened the night before as I open my eyes to a scene from the hangover one bit…

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