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Life’s a party. Invite yourself

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Life’s a party. Invite yourself

This was my first ever day at a beach club with the girls where I stayed completely SOBER whilst they all got completely twatted! Finally nailed it! In the early days of my sobriety I avoided these events like the bubonic plague as they were a catastrophic car crash waiting to happen. Back then though I had the willpower of a kid in a sweet shop on pocket money day, but now I’ve finally got this sober life on lock down…& I got clean & sober not fucking boring! I still like having FUN & letting my hair down once in a while. Just cause I gave up drugs & alcohol doesn’t mean I want to sit at home in my fucking slippers knitting! Not just yet anyway…

Whilst my mates got stuck into the all inclusive booze I stuck to my new favorite type of bubbles…sparkling water. I had just as much fun as them & left the beach club looking exactly the same way as I entered instead of shoeless, looking like I’d just been dragged through a hedge backwards, had my hair brushed with a fork, & my make up fired on with a catapult, making me resemble Krusty the clowns twin sister…

I woke up with no hangover or memory loss, with all my belongings & clothes, no random cuts & bruises, & feeling super hydrated & fresh as a fucking daisy instead of like a withered unwatered dead house plant. I was ready to spend my Sunday chilling at another beach club, instead of laying rotting in my pit like a corpse, & praying to the white porcelain god whilst throwing my ring up! Thank fuck the days of wallowing in my own self pity, with debilitating beer fear & anxiety, feeling & looking like I’ve just been dug up, wondering what the fuck happened yesterday & where my mobile phone & dignity have gone are long behind me…

Nothing beats waking up clean & serene, feeling blessed instead of stressed! Life is fucking beautiful!

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